Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of Fashion and Photography

I've been a fashion of photography for I'm not sure how long. I remember my dad teaching me some of the basics, like how to hold the camera, how to focus the lens, how to frame a picture using the trees in the photo, and also how to appreciate the beauty of the world around us. He even got me my first camera: a Canon Rebel xTi, we just don't have in my closet and occasional use. However, lately I've begun to realize how behind the times I am when it comes to digital SLR cameras. And so, I'm going to save up for a new camera! There are a few at Best Buy that I have been eyeing up, but I'm not positive where to go from here. I should back up...I should start by elaborating and share the other side of the story that has to do with my photography.
When I first started taking pictures of my dad, I basically took pictures of nature and When we went camping. Even as I started traveling the world I basically took pictures of the scenery. However, through my experiences blogging and reading the blogs of others, I have come to learn that I want to be able to photograph people and fashion, too. As weird as that might sound coming from me, I find myself drawn to blogs picking fashion as we go through my own closet and realize that between me and my friends, we really have some neat and unique outfits and I'd like to share those.
So, I guess the point of this post is to actually ask for help as well as to inform. I'm saving up for a bunch of new things and I'm also going through my closet as a 22-year-old and getting rid of my clothes from(dare I say it?) high school. I hope to have some of those posts of calls coming up soonish…
I know that this might seem a little out of character for what I usually post, not to mention I have a fitness blog (to try am currently failing at...), but I guess I really didn't have much of a goal when starting this blog. While that might not change, I'm going towards that makes me happy and what allows me to express who I am.
Okay, longest post I've had in a while, but as a closing thought: anyone have a suggestion for a camera to get?

Sara :)

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