Sunday, October 27, 2013

Carved Pumpkins 2013

Yesterday I posted about the pumpkin farm and today I'm posting about what happened post-pumpkin farming. Pumpkin carving, whether we mean to or not, always tells something about the one who carves it. For instance, a person who carves a Pokemon into his or her pumpkin has probably just bought the most recent DS game or is a collector, plus they've got some sort of talent to be able to carve something like that. I too would like to think that our pumpkins tell a little bit about the people who carved them. My pumpkin (the first picture) is of a surprised pumpkin face with my own hands on the sides as if its hands are on its cheeks in shock and surprise. It feels this way because of the other three pumpkins, which include a Bat-signal for Batman, a big-eyed cat, and a wolf howling at the mood. With that combination, who wouldn't be a little shocked? It is I suppose a bit like seeing the superheros got Batman, Catwoman, and....Wolfman?

And night time wouldn't be any less scary, although my pumpkin is starting to look a bit like a scarecrow or a witch or a mix between the two....but hey! It was a spur of the moment carve! I was the only one who didn't plan out what I was going to carve. 
I still say that one of the best parts of carving the pumpkins was not just the carving of them but also the removing of pumpkin guts, as well as having coffee and good talks with friends and family. These both were in abundance the night we carved pumpkins.

Sara :)

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