Monday, October 28, 2013

Musica Monday

I'm visiting the punk pop world for this Musica Monday. but first I want to clear up some things. Just because a song is referred to as pop, that doesn't make them a 'popular' band. Allow me to explain briefly: what 'pop' means is that the music is derived from 1950s style rock and roll, which was considered popular music at the time. While the terms 'pop' and 'popular' are used interchangeably, 'popular' music can refer to any genre of music and not specifically to 'pop' music. 'Pop' music tendsto be short to medium length songs that follow a simple chorus-refrain pattern and often times repeat the same melody over again. 'Punk' music is also interestingly enough derived from the same base: rock and roll, only this time from the 1970s in the USA, UK, and Australia. These songs tend to be short and often times politically motivated with at DIY ethic (meaning usually bands use their own record label to produce their music). Just thought you might like to know!
The band I want to introduce you to today is a combination of these two genres in one. They did in fact use their own recording studio, and their songs aren't too long, but they also use the chorus-refrain pattern in many of their songs. This band's two main members actually announced in July that they are expecting their first child this November. I'm introducing you to the Dollyrots. They have a unique sound that I've become a fan of simply due to their intense beat and the fact that they aren't afraid to be themselves and try something a little bit different. They've been around since 2000 and I hope that you guys enjoy this song of theirs called 'Satellite'.

Sara :)

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