Sunday, October 27, 2013

Picking Pumpkins 2013

When I was younger, my family used to go out and get pumpkins for carving at local pumpkin patches and I remember loving going out on the tractor rides and picking my pumpkin off the vine. However, as my family grew and stuff began happening, it got harder and harder or my family to go out and do these things such as picking out pumpkins and even picking out Christmas trees (not to mention my mother turned out to be allergic to the real trees), it even went so far as my family didn't carve pumpkins this year for trick-or-treating! Well, this year is my first year back from college and Matt and his family ensured that I started out carving pumpkins for Halloween. But first we went out to get pumpkins this morning at a pumpkin patch about 20 minutes away. I was brought back to my childhood memories of running around and finding the perfect pumpkin.

This is the small group of us who went out this past Saturday to pick pumpkins. Wen ended up with quite the haul of pumpkins, both big and small, and gourds. We got four pumpkins to be carved and each pumpkin was less than $10, which is quite awesome and is why we go to this particular farm I guess. My pumpkin was 27 lbs, and I got three miniature pumpkins that I may paint later on, one of them being white! I love the white pumpkins because they always look the coolest! I'll post pictures of the carved pumpkins next! But I hope that you all are enjoying fall (if you have it, parts of Minnesota and I hear New York already have snow!). Fall is definitely my first or second favorite season because of all the colors and going pumpkin harvesting just adds to the colorfulness of the season! I look forward to hearing about your fall traditions and how Halloween goes for you.

Sara :)

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