Monday, May 13, 2013

Musica Monday and a Challenge

Today was the last day of Monday classes of my undergraduate career. How crazy is that?! I suppose I should find some music for celebration? I'm not sure, I'm a little worried about the real world since I have been living in a sort of bubble this entire time. But I'm ready for what life is going to throw at me!
Pretty much, I'm in quite a good mood right now, I've been crafting this afternoon, making some cards that I'll show later on once they're finished :P Nor particular holidays in mind, just wanting to make some. Anyways, going on with my creative mood, I'm gonna play a song that in my opinion is just kinda fun. It's called "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby.

I'm not exactly sure what it is about this song that makes me smile so much, but it is seriously quite a lot of fun!

So, my task for you guys this week is to find some fun music and to just enjoy yourselves for an hour or so. How about this: tomorrow, whenever you start getting to that point where you are over stressed, be it because of school work, finals, work, family, friends, whatever, just take a moment to pause, catch your breath, and then play your 'fun song' (this one or one of your own) and stand up and just dance! It doesn't mean that you should dance well, I mean come on, I don't do that at all, just shake and jump around and let yourself loose for a bit. Take a break and forget about the stress for a little while. Have some fun, guys! We in this world are way too serious at times, so let's change that and add some fun in place of the eternally stressful. What do you think? Worth a try?

Love you all!
Sara :)

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