Thursday, May 9, 2013

Recent Life: Nearing the End of Undergrad and a Broken Foot

There's a bit of catching up to do here on my part, and yours too I suppose. Quite a bit has happened since I was last here, I mean in general a lot has happened in the past week as well. To start off with, there are 17 DAYS until graduation!! I mean undergrad, at the end of which I will be receiving a degree in Exercise Science.

On that topic, I have finished my Senior Seminar paper. This is a study that I propose, but don't go through with since I did not do departmental distinction, although I am now wishing that I was so I could learn the results of my study. It is called 'Protective Gear: A Comparison of Head Injuries In Collegiate Women's Field Hockey Vs. Collegiate Women's Lacrosse. Yea, I know a long title, but at least its all words that people understand. I decided to look at whether or not protective gear for the head and face could assist in decreasing the amount of severe and non-severe head injuries received by field hockey players at the collegiate level in the United States. A few fun facts for you about this topic: did you know that field hockey is the second most popular team sport in the world (beat only by soccer) and field hockey is considered by many to be the original ball-and-stick sport (meaning it lead to the development of lacrosse, ice hockey, floor hockey, golf, and other games that involve a ball/puck and stick). If I could I would post it up here my friends, however, I'm still not exactly an expert when it comes to blogging or the computer in general, so I'll work on that for possible later use. Is it even possible to do that? To post PDF files directly onto a blog? Anyone care to share with me? Thanks!

Another update, one that I suppose is just as important, but more for short term. I broke my foot. More specifically, I broke my 5th metatarsal and received a 2nd degree sprain on my left foot. I have been in a boot and on crutches since last Wednesday, technically I'm not using crutches anymore because they annoy me and make getting around not nearly as easy, but they are an intense cardio workout for those of you who have never used them before (especially when going around campus to classes). Anyways, I was informed on Monday that I will be requiring surgery in order to repair the bone (they are going to screw my bone back together), but am waiting to see if I can wait until after graduation to get the surgery done, that way I can for sure graduate and stay on top of school for the last 6 days until classes end and 17 days until graduation, when I can go home and get the surgery done. I'm hoping that it can wait!

Anyways, that was a very long post, but you're pretty much caught up on my life now, I think. My last note is that it is finally nice outside!! :D I mean, not today, it's kinda rainy today, but I've been wearing shorts/capris for the past few days which is pretty damn exciting, we might not have to be inside on graduation due to snow :D

I leave you with some music to listen to :)

Enjoy, my friends!
Sara :)

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