Thursday, May 30, 2013

Parkour, Paintball Style

As an admirer of parkour and a wanna-be (once I can run and jump....stupid broken foot), parkour/free-running as well as any sort of rock climbing videos really get me excited and get me wanting to get up and do more. I'm not sure how many of you are the same, but I'm really feeling the inability to move right now and my mind is slightly suffering for it, so I've been watching climbing and parkouring videos as of late! I wanted to share some of my favorites with you here :) (yes, at 1:30am)

Starting off with the Paintball vs. Parkour, where the Parkour person....well....I won't ruin it if you haven't seen it yet :P Just watch it and comment if you want!

Also, I want her life :P Not really, I love my own life, but she's pretty awesome and I'd love to be able to climb as good as her and the people in the following video! I'm on the lookout for the video 'On Sight', mostly thanks to this clip that i saw earlier today. I will let you in that I find this sort of thing, the climbing and parkouring, so interesting and I want to try them so bad because they are things that I can do on my own, I'm not copying anyone else I know. I know that this stuff is crazy and dangerous a lot of the time, but I also know that it gives me and several other people a sort of freedom that we can't find anywhere else. This is completely summed up here as well. I just hope that you all find something that allows you to feel just as free and not connected to the world that you haven't been around and there are no restrictions except those that you set for yourself. You can really do what you want to, to pass up your limit, you just keep practicing and keep on trying harder and harder until you get it done! And when you finish, you really get excited because it is an accomplishment, not to mention that it is a full-body workout, helps with confidence, and really gets out the extra energy/stress that we have, and I can go camping at the same time! :D How awesome is that?

I should say that any for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, watching others and then doing it yourself seems to be the best way to go about it. It's no different for climbing or free-running. Definitely getting out and doing things is the best way of doing things!

Let me know what you guys think!
Sara :)

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