Saturday, November 17, 2012

Girl's Night In/Out

So, last night my roommate, my best college friend, and I decided to have a girls' night after a long stressful week. We went out a bought some wine and ordered in some pizza! The pizza was very late because apparently they were super backed up as far as delivery, but it was still quite good :) For wine, we got a bottle of white wine, a bottle of rose wine, and 2 bottles of red wine. Between the three of us, we drank a cup of the rose wine (which was extremely sweet and fruity flavored), a little more than 1/3 of a bottle of white wine (sweet but very yummy, probably my favorite), and most of a bottle of red wine. I have never really been a big fan of wine, but after drinking some last night, I have been converted! Over Fall Break, Matt and I went out to dinner at Olive Garden and had some very good white wine, which we both liked a lot, but we were unable to remember then name of it, so I am now more willing to try wines to figure out what it was we had and to try and remember what that wine was. Our night in last night was completed by watching the movie The Campaign. I give this movie a rating of 4, it was hilarious and a true political comedy (and as a person who doesn't like politics too much, it was very good!), and I recommend it for anyone who has made fun of American politics before.
For the night out part of last night, we went out with a few more friends for 2 games of bowling. We learned that none of us are good at bowling, but we had a great time. I actually placed 2nd in both games, bowling 'granny style' (occasionally with enough force to knock me on my bottom :P) and never scoring higher than 91. It was a great night to hang out with friends and to relax after a tough week at school!
What would you guys recommend for our next girl's night out or night in? Let me know!
I'm going to go climbing again today, so I will have a new climbing update (finally!) tomorrow! Have a great weekend, my friends!
Sara :)

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