Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Silver Lining Scarf from Modcloth

I do love scarfs, have for long time! I just got a new scarf this past week, which is exciting! I routinely go onto a site called ModCloth, which if you have never been to, you should! It's a really awesome site that sells vintage as well as vintage inspired, cute clothing! I've got several things from them hanging in my closet.
This buy was for a $14 dollar scarf, called the Silver Lining Scarf. I'm glad that I could order one before they were out of stock! Sadly they aren't being sold anymore :(, but that just shows how sweet they looked I suppose. True to the name there are some silver sequins knitted into some of the areas, giving it a sparkle! Well, here's my not so good picture for me wearing the scarf.

Thanks for reading guys! Happy Tuesday, well late tuesday :P
Sara :)

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