Monday, November 26, 2012

Musica Monday

It is officially Christmas music time! That makes me happy because Christmas music never fails to cheer me up, and I like that about this 'genre' of music. I do believe that it can be called its own 'genre' because of the sheer number of songs written for just this one time of year, and if that's not a good reason for being its own genre, then it's because of all the bells in the songs. There is a certain sound to a Christmas song that is something that cannot be really put into any other song for the rest of the year because it is so particular. And so, today I will be putting up my first Christmas song Musica Monday.
The band that I'm posting is called the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (or TSO). I have listened to them since I was little, and have been to several concerts with my family. It's become a sort of holiday tradition to go and see this rock orchestra play. The main guitarists, keyboardists, and drums stay pretty much the same each year, along with the solo violin (who I always wanted to be!), however in each new city, they borrow some people from the local orchestra and they are invited to play with the band for the concert. They do play more than just Christmas music, but their Christmas music is my favorite that they play. The concerts themselves are really wonderful light shows proving that any seat in the house can be a good seat! Enjoy!

If you just visit YouTube and look them up, you can find many different songs, I would highly encourage this!
What is your favorite Christmas band? I'll try and feature if you comment!
Sara :)

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