Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Night Out with the Roommate

So tonight was a night out with the roommate after an already busy week! We went out and ate dinner at Applebee's then headed to Target to get some supplies for Christmas time! This included wrapping paper and a bag for another gift I already bought.

For an appetizer, we had Pretzel Sticks with Beer cheese sauce. If you go to Applebee's you must get these!! They were by far one of my favorite things I have ever had there! I highly recommend them!

For dinner Morgan (my roommate, pictured above) had steak with shrimp. It looked really good! And she said it was quite good :)

I had a shrimp pasta plate that was delicious and spicy! Which is what I look for in a good dinner :) tasty, many flavors, pasta, and shrimp. Yes, I am a vegetarian, but more it is that i don't eat most meat, but I still eat seafood, eggs, and milk. More for the health aspect than anything else.

Then Morgan got some wine :) And I got myself a frozen mango margarita :)
We had good fun! I think that more will come in the future which is nice cause it was good to get away from the campus for a while and just talk to a friend! Where do you guys like to go to get away from your life? What would you suggest?
Happy Hump Day!
Sara :)

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