Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musica Monday

Ok I failed...I got distracted by Netflix last night and never posted my Musica Monday...fail on my part. :( I can say however that not only do I have a Musica Monday for you, but I have a drawing that I've finished and another I started and finished sketching out last night! :) I could also blame the fact that Thanksgiving Break starts TODAY!! I'm heading home in less than an hour (I think :P), which is nice, it's the first time I've been home since September!
So, the musica I have for you today (ik not Monday...sorry!) is from a British singer/songwriter named Frank Turner. I was lucky enough to see him and his band in concert this past February, when I went to a Dropkick Murphy's concert! It was really quite awesome and the entire concert was pretty sweet! There are so many good songs that I could post your you guys and I wasn't sure which one to do, so I'm going to (again) put up more than one and I encourage you to watch as many as you'd like or none if you'd rather.

What new bands have you discovered/come across lately? I'd love to hear!
Sara :)

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