Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fun Facts about Altered States

We watched the movie 'Altered States' after class on Friday and in preparation for a film discussion on Monday. I thought that I would share a few fun facts about this rendition of the Jekyll and Hyde myth.

-The actual director (Ken Russell) used was the 27th choice as a director. In essence, no one really wanted to make this movie.
-It was also the first American movie directed by British director Ken Russell.
-Members of the cast and crew of this movie tried the isolation tank, where our main character experiences his hallucinations. William Hurt actually hallucinated while Blair Brown found it very peaceful.
-During the hallucination moments in the film, several of the 'hell' scenes were taken from the 1935 drama 'Dante's Inferno'.

Alright, that's about all that I have for now, I'm not feeling too philosophical right now. I guess more artsy...check out my deviantART page if you want! Here! Yea.....so enjoy!
Sara :)

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