Friday, January 25, 2013

Fun Facts about Dracula (1931 film)

In continuation of my month of monsters in movies, today was a viewing of the 1931 film 'Dracula', staring Bela Lugosi as Count Dracula. I am again going to present you with some fun facts (I should add that these facts come from IMDb and my classmates/teachers). Fun facts are fun :D

-There was a Spanish version of this movie made at the same time as this one was being filmed. They used the same set, just filmed at night rather than during the day.
-The spiderwebs in Dracula's castle were made by shooting rubber cement from a rotary gun. (That would be so much fun!!)
-This is one of the few movies that was shot in order of how it is seen in the movie.
-There are two versions of this movie in English. Each has a different soundtrack; one originally from the 1930s and another more modern one with music by the Kronos Quartet (quite good I think).
-At no point in the film does Dracula sport fangs, one part of the myth and book that was left out.
-Upon his death in 1956, Bela Lugosi, who plays Dracula, was buried in his black silk cape that he wore in this film. He was Dracula even until the end of his life (talk about the role of his life
-It seemed that after this movie Lugosi almost believed himself to be Dracula (I may do a post on him later, his life was interesting concerning this movie).
-David Manners, who played John Harker, never saw the film after it came out, by his own choice.

I hope that you have enjoyed these fun facts! The purpose of making these is to just share with people (like I said they are from other places online, mainly IMDb, so don't cite me) because I enjoy them so much!
Happy Friday!! Have a good weekend, my friends!
Sara :)

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