Monday, January 7, 2013

Musica Monday

In light of the fact that I have been listening to acoustic music as of late just as good background for reading, I am turning to a song that I found several years ago when the movie "Prince Caspian" came out. I was actually having a discussion about the Chronicles of Narnia with someone the other day, and I also thought of this song, so I guess you could say that it has been on my mind as of late :P The song is called "The Call" by Regina Spektor. I really do enjoy her music, and this is a song that I believe emulates a lot about the entire Narnia series in a sense. I'm not going to elaborate much on that right now, maybe later, but for now I will put up two separate videos, one that has the lyrics (I could not find an actual music video that she made concerning this song) and one that is acoustic with no words at all.

This first one is good to listen to when looking for the original song and how Regina Spektor originally sung it. It is a very pretty song, with sad lyrics. I still find it catchy none the less!

This second one is the version that I find just as pretty, but that I listen to more for the music. I found this video by chance and you should check out his channel because he is quite good in my opinion.
Enjoy the return of the Musica Monday!!
Sara :)

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