Friday, January 18, 2013

Fun Facts about Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1931 film)

We watched the 1931 film, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, in class yesterday. Any movie has it's random fun facts that go along with the making of it. It is especially interesting after you read the book itself and then watch the movie to see the differences. I would highly suggest doing this!!

-The man who played Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde was the third person who was considered for the part, and was picked because the director thought that he could play both the good Doctor and the evil Hyde.
-Another part of this character was the makeup that was used to make him into Hyde very nearly damaged the actor's face.
-The characters of Murial Carew and her father (the fiancé and father of Dr. Jekyll) were taken not from the novel, for they were not in the novel, but from the broadway musical.
-Edgar Norton, who played Poole, the butler, also played Poole on stage starting in 1898.
-In 1934, the Haze Code was implemented which was an act to get rid of any scene in movie that were considered risky. This is the reason why the character of Ivy, played by Miriam Hopkins, was not nominated for an Oscar because most of her scenes were cut after this.
-This was also the first horror movie to win an Academy Award.

Just a few interesting things to think on about movies :) what are some fun fact you have?
Sara :)

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