Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Robert Louis Stevenson

Rober Louis Stevenson, born in 1850 in Edinburgh. He lived what he called a "life of adventure", suffering from lung trouble when he was little and spent most of his childhood sheltered away with his upper-middle-class family. He married Mrs. Fanny Osbourne in 1880, she was 10 years older than him (guess age didn't matter), and it was then that he became obsessed with his work and tried to find a cure of his illness. This search took him all over the world, during this time he wrote many travel essays which were widely published.
In 1883, he published his first full-length fiction novel, Treasure Island. He had published short fiction stories before hand, but it was this first novel that brought him great fame, and to this day Treasure Island remains a popular and classic book for readers of all ages and has been made into many movies. In 1886, he published his second novel, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which we read in my class for this week. I really enjoy both of these books, and they are quite different!
He also published Kidnapped in 1886 and The Master of Ballantrae in 1889, both Scottish romances.
His death is one thing that really interests me, especially since I have just finished The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I use the words of Vladimir Nabokov, which come from the introductory essay at the beginning of the Signet Classics version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Copyright 1980) because I can come up with no better way of saying it. He died in 1894 in Samoa: "He went down to te cellar to fetch a bottle of his favorite burgundy, uncorked it in the kitchen, and suddenly cried out to his wife: what's the matter with me, what is this strangeness, has my face changed? - and fell on the floor. A blood vessel had burst in his brain and it was all over in a couple of hours." (p 44-45)
I leave you with that to dwell on :P
Happy Hump Day, my friends! I think I will be heading out to dinner tonight, so there may be some pictures from that up later, so be warned :P a combination of a date night and a girls' night out...
Sara :)

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