Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cheap Find

Alright, so today was a street festival in my town and my mom and sisters and I decided to go and check it out! It was really quite awesome! There was a bouncy house as well as other stalls set up by the different businesses in town. There were some that sold food while others sold knick knacks and cloths. One place that I found I really liked was a thrift store whose name I sadly cannot recall :(, but it was relocating and things there were selling for super cheap! My sister picked up a headband for $1 and I picked up this incense dragon for $8! I total steal! No, I don't really use incense but I love the dragon and who knows :P maybe some day I will!

This find really made me happy! I love how detailed the work is and it actually inspires me a bit, it has a calming feeling which isn't what most people would say but I really love it!
I love thrift shopping! I hope to do more later on this summer! I shall keep you all updated on future finds! :D
Have a wonderful night and go look into a thrift store sometime! You never know what you might find :)
Sara :)

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