Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Paper Flowers

Hey all!
I'm sorry it's been really busy in my life here and I haven't had a lot of time to well, come up with blogging ideas.
I guess I should start off with an update, I am running my first 5K on Sunday!! I am so excited for this and I really can't wait to do this! Hopefully there will be some pictures that day and I can share them with you later :)
Anyways, I found some old sheet music yesterday and decided to make some cute buds out of it! so I've been cutting up a version of "Today Was A Fairytale" by Taylor Swift and making little paper flowers! I will say that the song was originally for a wedding I played violin in, but I didn't end up even playing it. So here's my pretty little musical flower buds :) I don't know exactly where I came up with the idea, probably from Pinterist or the like :P

 materials you will be needing :) You can use any sort of paper, colored looks pretty cool too! But for this particular project I used old music.

 Cut out a circle, it doesn't have to be perfect, otherwise your flower will look too fake.

 now cut your circle in a spiral fashion, again doesn't have to be perfect, try to not vary too much on the size of the swirl strips, makes it easier later, the bigger the swirls the teller your flower can be :)

 now roll up your swirl until you reach the end, hold it tightly.

 Now let go of the tight swirl and hold the forming flower lightly in your hand.

Finally, add some glue on the circle bottom of your flower in order to make the flower shape stick. Make as many as you can/want and loo how pretty they look :D I'm trying to find a place in my room to keep them! Any ideas?

Following: my finished flowers! No two are the same :) just like my days! Just the way I enjoy life :D

Alright, this is my first crafting post, and I have to say that I do enjoy these DIY and crafts :P There may be more of these coming later! We shall see :)
Sara :)

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