Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Prince, The Princess and the Squire

So a dear friend of mine told me a story tonight. It was one that he said has no real ending because it changes each time, but it's one that he was told when he was little and he was just passing it on. So there's this princess, the most beautiful lady in all the realm, and she is together with the prince, who is all she wanted. They lived together in a big castle and were loved by all. Then one day the squire came. He was a smaller fellow but still somehow stole the heart of the princess. Though they could not be together because she was a princess and princesses only marry princes, she held in her hand a small light: hope, a chance at something new with the squire. This squire fell in love with the princess. One night she invited him to dance with her, she held this light in her hands and as they danced it shone but whenever he got too close she would shut her hand and he would no longer see the chance. The squire was invited to live in the castle, but for some reason he was not allowed the food of the castle. But he stayed for the princess. They continued dancing like this many nights, though those around them did not approve. As time continued, the squire realized he would have to leave in order to get food because he was so hungry. The princess was distressed but understood. This is where his story ended. He said that there were many different endings that the story had and it depended on who the story was for what the ending was.
I kinda compared this story to the medieval story of King Arthur, his queen Guinevere, and the knight Sir Lancelot. Their tragic love story is still one of my favorite stories from all of those in the King Arthur stories.
I hope that you have all read King Arthur, I know that I enjoy most medieval stories, of princes and knights in shining armor! Thought I don't fancy being considered a damsel-in-distress, still they usually have pretty dresses (minus those atrocious hats!!) :P
Read read read!!!
Love you all!
Good night,
Sara :)

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