Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Where I've Been Looking....The Sweetest Occasion

Alright, so as a blogger, I also look at other blogs for some inspiration as well as for ideas of things for me to do! Recently I stumbled upon a blog called The Sweetest Occasion. I have already spent so much time looking at her different DIYs, wedding pictures, drink mixes and fashion plans. I can't help it, I would go so far as to call it slightly addicting :P
Being pretty new to blogging, or so, I find that looking at other blogs that have become successful really helps me to develop and learn about what I can do to improve my own blog. The Sweetest Occasion has already taught me two things: be yourself and consistency! Being yourself is important and that's what people seem to like (whoda thunk?! haha) and readers like consistency, they like to know that there will be another blog posting ever so many days or every day or every week day or the such.
DIYs are some of my favorite things to look at. While I'm a bit slow on the actual doing part of it, I'm working at it! I hope to get some things going this summer and maybe on into the year if I get the time (which may or may not happen...). Some of my favorite DIYs that I have found so far on The Sweetest Occasion include:
  • Potted Herb Favors - I would probably end up using these as more of actual pots for myself, but giving is always nice too!
  • Painterly Party Wares - I'm thinking maybe for my next party? Blue or purple would look amazing as well as the pink!
  • Bon Voyage Garland - while this is from another blogger, it is still I found it on The Sweetest Occasion, and since I and friends of mine travel a lot, I feel like this would be appropriate :)
  • Glitter Dot Swizzle Sticks - I do like glitter as much as the next girl haha, and I just had my first swizzle (a grapefruit swizzle from Water Buffalo, DELICIOUS!), so these appealed to me right away
So I think you should all go check out this blog cause it's pretty awesome! A kudos bar for you my dear, your blogging makes me smile because it always has such bright ideas and is pretty to see as well as to read.

Thanks all!
Sara :)

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