Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Weekend Climbing

Climbing is enjoyable, what can I say? I really enjoy climbing with friends. This upcoming Friday I am off to climb again downtown Milwaukee. The difference this time is there will be more people. I guess my friend's sister and their friend is also coming, so it'll be nice :)

What I forgot to add in my rock climbing update was that after we were finished climbing, we saw a music boat on the Milwaukee River!! It was pretty awesome! Not to mention all the spiders there were ginormous!!! :( I hate spiders! haha :P

I am super excited to climb again, hopefully I've gotten better, and now that I can actually belay I feel more comfortable climbing and belaying in general. I am super excited for this! Not to mention downtown Milwaukee is really quite beautiful at night! Maybe we can add dinner too because it is gorgeous and there are some really good restaurants downtown. But I'm not sure, I mean I will be hungry cause we leave like right after I get off work and last time I didn't get food first :( So, this time I will be eating first!

Alright, well, updates will follow about how things go, I really encourage all of you to go out a climb at some point! It is really a lot of fun :D It doesn't even have to be climbing, go try something new, keep your workouts interesting and keep them going so that you stay interested and retain the desire to workout! I know that going to different classes at the local YMCA as well as climbing has rekindled my interest in different forms of exercise other than running.

Have a good night folks!
Sara :)

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