Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If Only...Casually Feeling Cute :P

Ok, I admit it, I'm guilty. I look for things that I can't afford or have no real use of. I''m sure many of you do what I do and "window shop", whether that be while physically at a store or while online. I wanted to share a little bit about what I'm currently window shopping for.
The first big site is ModCloth. I have been a fan of ModCloth for years now, and have gotten quite a few items from there, but lately I have been having a lack of income due to no having an actual job (an internship, yes, but it is an unpaid one :P), and since ModCloth isn't always cheap I have not been able to get many of the things I wish I could get :( so here I go with a few things that are on my wishlist for what I call "Casually Feeling Cute :P". This is for the times when I just wanna feel cute and these are dresses that I would really love and would really feel cute in, at least as far as I think since I haven't actually tried them on yet.
This is called the Marble Collection Dress, it just captures my each time and makes smile. I don't normally go for the floral look, but here I think that it works really well and the flowers on the shoulder just add something that for some reason I really like!

This dress is much simpler, it is called the To Diner for Dress. While this is much simpler than the last dress it is more of what I would wear daily and is what most people would think of being more "my style". I guess that means more of a tomboy-ish style which is what I held for most of school until later in college when I started getting into this sort of stuff :) I likes it though!

Meet the With the Mostess Dress. First off, I really like the name of this dress. Secondly, I'm noticing a pattern in the dresses that I pick, at least these ones; they aren't too revealing but they will still show off figure and such which is nice. I'm kinda an athletic build so it's a bit difficult to find things that I really can wear well, and to add to it I'm short so these things together can make shopping at department stores more difficult especially when everything is in an extra long...but hey! I won't complain...too much.

Well, these are the dresses that I have right now for window shopping, I'll have more later on I'm sure. This really wasn't very much, but I'm feeling a bit lazy today. This is my first installation of If Only...Casually Feeling Cute :P I hope you enjoyed it!
Have a wonderful night,
Also 3 days til I'm in the Dells :D I'm so excited!
Sara :)

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