Saturday, August 18, 2012

Simple Cinnamon Chips

Alright, so I subscribe to very few magazines. One that I will actually sit down and read is Fitness Magazine. In the back of each magazine they have different recipes that I may or may not try depending on what they are. I found one in last month's (July/August) that was pretty good. While I don't have the actual magazine in from of me, I have a really simple recipe for some cinnamon chips that were included, with my own little twist (or change cause I'm cheap).
So we use corn tortillas, and all you have to do is cut them into triangles. I use the small corn tortillas and cut them into 6 triangles each. Spray a cooking sheet with cooking spray (here I used spray olive oil, yes such a thing exists!) and then lay out as many tortilla triangles as you can/want onto the sheet. Now you can either spray they over with a slightly thicker layer of spray on olive oil, or you can paint on melted butter, it all depends on personal taste (I prefer the butter, it tastes better!). Then sprinkle ground cinnamon over the top and bake at 350 degrees F for 10-15 minutes. The time to cook may vary depending on the oven you use, I know that my oven at home takes longer because it's slow at heating up. You want your chips to be crispy but not burnt.
They are quite good, you can then dip them in yogurt of applesauce, whatever strikes your fancy!

Give a new recipe a try! Don't worry about it, just try something new. Experimenting is how things get started, I advise against setting the kitchen on fire and what not, but these things do happen at times I suppose. Have fun in the kitchen and try new things!
Have a good night!
Sara :)

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