Friday, August 31, 2012

Back To School....Finale

It's that time of year again! Heading back to school, but luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it, this is my final year of schooling for a while! I am a senior in college, hopefully graduating with a degree in exercise science. I am so stoked for my senior year, I will be taking only three classes and then working this first semester. I'm taking: The Psychology of Personality, Sports Ethics in Society and History of the Holocaust. Yes I have a sort of interest in history and everything that goes along with it :P I was really hoping to get into Photography but alas! I was I shall try again for next semester! I hope it happens! I really enjoy taking pictures and I'm sure you shall see more of those as the year progresses, Olaf is really a gorgeous campus, especially come fall and winter....and spring too! So I guess all year it's pretty awesome looking :D
So today is packing day, well was, well still is til like I'm done, which shouldn't be too much longer! Tomorrow is the target run day, when we go to target and get all the things that I don't have and need (not many things on that list yet...probly won't be many anyways! I have done this a few times, I have most of what I need I think). Then on Sunday we head up to my grandma and grandpa's because they are only about 2 hours away from school, and we will spend the night there and then move on to school on Monday when I shall move in! Such a busy weekend! I am super excited to start this year and get going on some more learning :D
My goal as far as fitness this semester is to try and get a workout in everyday! If that means running up and down stairs 7 or 8 times in a row, the so be it! But I would like to get ready for the Homecoming 5K which is actually in about 3 weeks! Already! So, that'll be interesting, yes our homecoming is super super early, it's not usually!
My goal academically is to stay on top of my school work and to not let myself indulge in talking to people, calling home or gaming until my homework is done! I need to do well this semester and I will if I can concentrate on school and not be distracted too much on the side.
Now the trick is putting all of this into action! I hope that I can do it! Any suggestions?
Have an awesome weekend friends!
Sara :)

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