Friday, August 17, 2012

Maritime Festival, Day 1

Hey all!
So today was a pretty long day, but a fun day all the same! Today was the first day of a three day festival in Port Washington, WI called Maritime Festival. There was a large ship in the harbor today that would take people on a short (2 hour) sailing trip at designated times around the marina and just outside the lighthouses. It was something that our family had talked about doing for quite a while and had just never gotten around to doing it, this year we went! I got up at 8 am and we were down there by 8:45 (pretty good for me :P) We boarded the ship at 9 am and spent a good 15-20 minutes trying to leave the dock, we apparently if the waters aren't almost completely still it is hard to get the ship to move where you want it to. Who knew?
I apologize for not taking a lot of pictures, but I was really just enjoying being out on the water and out in the open air. For me, the water was really a great place for me to be today because I was able to forget about all of the problems that I have been having lately. It was a good way to clear my head and take in the beauty around me. I don't think my pictures can do justice to the shoreline and how beautiful it all was.

This festival is under-recognized in my county, but it is still pretty awesome :) I'm always looking for these kinds of festivals to go and see, with the different foods and the different little shops and attractions, it's always so neat to see. What are some of your favorite festivals? Care to share? :D

Have a great night all,
Sara :)

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